Viral NewsWhat is the mascara wand trend on TikTok? video went viral on...

What is the mascara wand trend on TikTok? video went viral on Twitter and Reddit

A popular TikTok trend right now is called “mascara wand.” People are talking about it not because it makes makeup look better, but for reasons that might make you laugh out loud. Surprisingly, this trend is all about dating and people’s private lives.

TikTok has a strict policy about NSFW content. So, to get around the rules of the short-video platform, many users have found this trend as a way to talk about their dating and lives behind closed doors. In this style, people talk about the wand and tube as if they were their best friends.

“Since I was 14, I’ve worn mascara.” I’m 24 now. It’s the only mascara I’ve tried, but I know it’s available elsewhere.” One thing about TikTok is that people use code words to talk about things. For example, when talking about dating, people use code words to talk about what they really mean, so you have to read the comments to find out what they mean.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen a lot of viral TikTok videos of girls talking about “mascara” with long subtitles about how much they love their mascara, which they use on their eyes. How long has the mascara been there, or how long has it been like that?

The comments and subtitles make it clear that the videos have nothing to do with real mascara. In fact, these videos are about relationships, and the word “mascara” is a code word for someone’s partner. That’s what it all boils down to.

Yes, “mascara” is pretty much your friend. Even if you don’t date them, if you marry them… In a romantic way, it is the person you love the most.

Most videos and reviews talk about male partners. For example, one reviewer says that their mascara “puts their wands in other tubes,” which is code for “penis.” Other people also said that her mascara “has no wand,” which means that her partner doesn’t have a penis.

Some of the video captions tell stories about their long-term relationship, like this user’s childhood love story: “I’ve been wearing mascara since I was 14.” I’m 24 now. I’ve only tried mascara, but I know that style can be found elsewhere. I love it so much that I made a smaller version.”

On the other hand, people also use this trend to talk about times when their partners hurt them. One user wrote in her video, “A mascara I used to love ended up ruining my mascara badly, so I’m afraid to try a new one because I can’t stand my mascara Comeback.” was tainted.

For the record, you shouldn’t use the same mascara—that is, the actual mascara—after the expiration date on the package. Baby, get a new one!

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