Viral NewsWhat Killed Mickey Mouse TikTok Trend Viral On Social Media

What Killed Mickey Mouse TikTok Trend Viral On Social Media

People who use TikTok regularly may have seen the “Who killed Mickey Mouse?” trend on the app recently. TikTokers have been paying attention to the “Who killed Mickey Mouse?” trend as of late. Trends that start on the platform often catch on. Because of this trend, thousands of people are making videos about it. Several TikTokers shared a page from the “List of Deaths” wiki, which lists the deaths of well-known Disney characters. This helped find the trend. Even though the character hasn’t died in the canon, the search turned up bad results.

One of them is that Mickey died because his heart blew up. When more people looked for this and wrote down what they found, it became a trend that got people’s attention. People on the Internet have had some strange reactions to the search results. Some people say that everyone’s childhood will be ruined if they find out about it. People have used the platform to share their search results and how they felt about them after reading them. Even though there is a lot more information about the same thing, the information on the website cannot be trusted.

Some of it even says that Ursula, the bad person in The Little Mermaid, was killed by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck using their magic. Videos about how the well-known Disney character seems to have died have taken over TikTok right now. A Disney+ animated series called “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” shows that the beloved mascot isn’t really gone and still makes people happy.

People are giving their thoughts in response to a fandom page that makes assumptions about how Mickey will die. At this point, it’s important to know about the character’s past. Some people don’t know that Walt Disney’s first attempt at a cartoon character was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Still, because of a fight within Universal, Disney did not buy the rights to Oswald. Disney used this idea to make Mickey, who has been a popular character ever since he was made.

Many people think Mickey and Minnie Mouse are married, even though it has never been shown in any of the movies or TV shows. After Wayne Allwine, who did the voice of Mickey Mouse, married Russie Taylor, who did the voice of Minnie Mouse, in 1991, this idea got even more attention. People also don’t know why Mickey wears white gloves. The gloves were given to him so that his hands would stand out from the rest of his body. It’s important to know that the film’s creators haven’t said anything about why or how the character died. So, you can’t be sure about what’s on the fanbase page and in other TikTok videos.

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