Who is Ambermezner? videos went viral on social media

After being accused of bullying a former classmate, TikTok star Amber Mezner responded, which sparked a widespread discussion about the influencer. Amber Mezner has over 1.3 million followers on the video-sharing app TikTok and is a certified creator there.

Mezner is the subject of accusations from other platform users who allege she bullied them in school.

TikTok Sunset Makeup made one of the more well-known accusations, claiming the influencer had instructed a friend to visit her school and smack her. TikTok attended a high school 20 minutes away and came to Sunset Makeup’s school to bully her after classes. Sunset Makeup also says that Mezner made fun of her mental health and even issued a “secondary school restraining order” against TikToker.

Sunset Makeup says, “The principal stayed outside the school every day, and every time they saw Amber, they had to send Amber home so she wouldn’t annoy me.”

Since then, several additional TikTok users have accused Mezner of bullying, but Mezner insists that none of their claims are accurate.

The online star retaliated by posting a video where she said she was also bullied as a child and didn’t even know about sunset makeup.

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She stated in the caption of the video she posted in response, “I don’t even know this person. “These accusations are false, and fabricating an entire narrative is a problem. All during my time at school, I was bullied. I would never criticize someone for something I did that wasn’t even logical!

Commenters are having a hard time believing Mezner’s claim that she was unaware of Sunset Makeup, which published a screenshot of Mizner’s phone contacts via TikTok in her reaction video.

Since then, when charges against TikToker emerged, Mezner posted another video requesting further “proof” of the alleged mistreatment from Sunset Makeup.

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