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Who Is Chidinma Ojukwu? Usifo Ataga, CEO of Super TV, was killed; suspect arrested

Chidinma Ojukwu, a student at Lagos University, is accused of killing TV’s CEO and chairman Michael Usifo Autauga. The story has gained notoriety because the 22-year-old student killed a man, and people are wondering why she took this action. We have included the information on this occurrence in this part if you’re interested in learning more about what actually occurred and why she killed her.

Who is Chidinma Ojukwu?

Chidinma Ojukwu is a student at Lagos University, which is located in Akoka, where she was majoring in mass communication. She is originally from Nigeria and came here to finish her education.

She has won numerous awards, including first place in the Kirikiri Prison’s Miss Cell competition, and she now finds herself in a disturbing situation after killing a CEO and is now being prosecuted.

Why did Chidinma Ojukwu kill the CEO of the TV network, Michael Usifo Autauga?

She killed Autunga on October 12, 2022, but when she was arrested for the crime, she later claimed she didn’t do it and then claimed she killed him in self-defense. She also blamed her sister Adedapo for the crime because the two of them attempted to steal the things and access the documents illegally. To get out of this dilemma, she made a number of comments, but when she modified those statements, people began to mistrust her.

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She claimed she ran out of the room after seeing him lying in a pool of blood because she was afraid. She also claimed to have taken his MacBook and other items, which she intended to sell to make some cash. She added that although they didn’t know the DG’s full name and only spoke to him on the phone, they were able to access his ATM cards, driver’s licence, identification card, and many other items. As of right now, she has other court appearances scheduled, and this matter will thereafter undergo a thorough investigation.

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Due to the fact that there are other other parties engaged in this case and that authorities are looking for them through this student, her accusations are not verified. Along with the person with whom she first met him, her sister is also participating in this.

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