HeadlineWho Is Felipe Benavides-Herrera? What Happened To Him? A 68-Year-Old Milwaukee Man...

Who Is Felipe Benavides-Herrera? What Happened To Him? A 68-Year-Old Milwaukee Man Went Missing

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a Silver Alert has been sent out for a 68-year-old man who hasn’t been seen in a while. Reports say that he was last seen at 30th and National on the morning of February 12th. This missing person is said to be a white man who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs 165 pounds, and has brown eyes and gray hair. He was last seen wearing a black Under Armour sweatshirt and a blue Chicago Cubs baseball cap. The Milwaukee Police Department wants to hear from anyone who knows where this man might be.

call 414-935-7405 to talk to them. It is important for everyone to help look for elderly people who have gone missing, because they may be weak and in need of help. The Silver Alert program is meant to get the word out quickly about a missing person so that people in the area can keep an eye out for them. The program is used by police departments all over the country, and it is a good way to find elderly people who have gone missing.

One way to help find older people who have gone missing is to give the police information without giving your name. The Milwaukee Police Department has a tip line that people can call to give information about a missing person without giving their name. The tip line is open all day, every day, and all calls are kept private. The website for the Milwaukee Police Department can also be used to get information. Go to the website of the Milwaukee Police Department to give information anonymously online.

and look for a section called “Submit a Tip” or “Contact Us.” There you will find a form that can be filled out to give information about a missing person. When filling out the form, be sure to include as much information as possible, such as a description of the person, when and where they were last seen, and any other relevant information. Remember that even if you give information anonymously, you are still responsible for it if it turns out to be false or misleading.

But it keeps your identity safe and lets you give important information to the police without worrying about getting hurt. There are other ways to help find elderly people who have gone missing besides giving information anonymously. For example, you can tell your friends and family about the missing person or post about them on social media. This can get the word out about the missing person and make it more likely that someone will see them.

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