Viral NewsWho is Jessyraytaylor?, Jessy Taylor of tiktok videos le@ked on twitter

Who is Jessyraytaylor?, Jessy Taylor of tiktok videos le@ked on twitter

Katie Price says she won’t let reports about her and Carl Woods breaking up get her down. After a dramatic change, the 44-year-old woman seemed eager to wash the man out of her hair. Katie wore a stylish brown wig when she filmed content for her OnlyF followers about Christmas.

“Today was beautiful for my OnlyF Christmas shoot,” she told her fans. After rumors that she and Carl Woods, 34, broke up, the mother of five has more time on her hands.

This week, the couple seemed to get back together, just days after Carr broke up with Katie on social media and said he called off their engagement because Katie cheated on him. Katie Price’s dog dies in a terrible accident. This is the sixth time that tragedy has taken his pet’s life.

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In a mysterious post, she said, “It’s nonsense unless it comes from me on my platform.” Katie and Carl allegedly broke up on Wednesday as a project, but it looks like they are back together. This is the latest turn in their rocky relationship.

As they kissed and held each other, they looked very attractive. After Carl’s Instagram post, the two stopped following each other on the social media site, but there didn’t seem to be any bad blood between them on Thursday.

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