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WHO IS Joe Nathan James Jr.? Alabama Inmate Executed for 1994 Ex-Girlfriend Murder, Crime Detailed!

Those who believe it is so simple to escape prison even after committing a crime are deluding themselves. Every criminal believes that by committing a crime, Joe Nathan would be saved, yet nobody has ever avoided the reach of the law; everyone pays for their crimes only in this life.

One such criminal is currently making headlines after being sentenced to death. Despite having committed the crime back in 1994, he has now received justice for his actions. Simply read this blog’s next paragraph to learn more. According to the most recent information, Alabama Death Row inmate Joe Nathan James Jr. was executed by lethal injection on the evening of Thursday, July 28, 2022.

Who is Joe Nathan James Jr.?

Joe Nathan James Jr was held on suspicion of killing his ex-girlfriend 30 years ago. Since then, he has been imprisoned, but on Thursday, he was put to death by lethal injection. The victim’s relatives fought to stop the execution from happening. James (50 years old) committed the crime at the William C.

Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore. The jail is the only state facility with an execution section and houses all of the state’s death row inmates. The judge gave the go-ahead for his execution at roughly 6:00 PM, but the jail did not provide media observers to Holman until 6:33 PM.

What Crime Did Joe Nathan James Jr. Commit?

James’ eyes were closed throughout the entire procedure, and when the jailer briefly inquired about his final wishes prior to his execution, he had no words to respond. After a more than two-hour detention with media present who were waiting in a jail van, the execution started at around 9:00 PM and the death warrant was read at around 9:00 PM.

Around 09:10 PM, a correctional officer performing a sensitivity check shouted James’ name, pinched his arm, and flicked his eyelid. James’ arms with the IV attached shook slightly with the movement.

James’s head was also jerked to one side after his arm was pinched, but as was to be expected, he made no effort to react. The suspect awakens at roughly 9:12 PM and is not breathing.

The observing cabin’s curtains were drawn at roughly 9:18 PM. The official and real time of death was 9:27 PM. The other convicts look out the windows of their imprisonment as the journalist observers wait in the jail van outside Holman’s Death Row. Keep in touch with us for additional updates.

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