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Who is Joel Estoril? Percy Lapid, a Philippine radio journalist and broadcaster, was killed, and a suspect has been apprehended.

As word of Joel Estoril’s violent murder while returning home spreads online, it is clear that he was a radio journalist and presenter. As far as we know, these kinds of murders have taken place in this nation, and the truth-tellers and powerful leaders who warned them were killed.

He frequently aired concerns related to corruption on his radio programme, whereupon people would receive corruption awards. He was subsequently assassinated as a result of this.

Who Was Joel Estoril?

Joel Estoril father family bears the surname name Mabasa, while he comes from a maternal family as evidenced by the fact that his middle name is Filipino. He was a rival of President BongBong and Rodrigo Duterte, according to the source, and he spoke out against corruption on the radio.

As a journalist and radio host by trade, he had done extensive research and produced compelling evidence, yet the police in this case made no attempt to look into the matter.

How Did Joel Estoril Pass Away?

On October 3rd, Joel was returning home in his personal vehicle when he reached BF Resort Village, which is situated in Las Pias, and when he got stuck in the traffic a motorcycle came with the two people and they pulled his car and they also had weapons and they killed him instantly with the bullets and his car speed was only 50 metres. Video was also taken, and the victim’s car and cell phone are also visible, and the incident was horrifying.

As a result, information about the criminals is acquired due to the fact that one of them was wearing a pink jacket and the other was wearing a black jacket, and authorities are looking into the case and trying to locate the suspects after promising to do so shortly.

His body has been sent for a post-mortem, and we will keep you informed of the findings. As a result, his obituary information is being kept private. His family has our sincere condolences, and we pray for eternal peace for him.

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