HeadlineWho is KORYN Daniel Kremer? Suspect in Gresham Max Attack is Arrested...

Who is KORYN Daniel Kremer? Suspect in Gresham Max Attack is Arrested And Charges

A shocking story is coming out of Portland, Oregon, where an older man’s ear was torn off by a man who was biting it off. When people heard about this terrible thing going on all around them, it sent shivers down their spines. The victim of this crime was saved by the police, who took the victim away from the suspect by force. As of right now, it is said that the suspect is in custody and that he is being held without bail. On the other hand, the police are looking into the case and have made several statements about it. Stay tuned as we talk about this case in more depth.

Now that the police have figured out what happened and talked to the suspect, they said that the suspect was high at the time of the crime. The suspects told the police that the man looked like a robot to the suspect who was trying to kill him. Police also said that the suspect thought that biting off the man’s ear would save his life, and in one of his statements, the suspect said that it did save his life. On the other hand, the victim has to suffer because the suspect was drunk and high when the crime happened.

In this case, the suspect is Koryn Daniel Kraemer, who is 25 years old and is being held without bail. The district attorney says that Koryn is being held without bail and is also being charged with second-degree assault. Koryn went to court on Wednesday, January 4, 2023, to face the Multnomah County Judge, even though he had already been marked “not guilty.” When it comes to the victim in this case, he or she was on a light rail platform in Gresham around 2 a.m. on the day of the attack and was seen bleeding a lot. The person who was hurt, whose name hasn’t been said yet, is now being cared for by the medics.

Now, about the incident: it happened on a light rail platform in Gresham, and police said they had to separate the two people while the suspect bit off the victim’s ear and chewed it. On the other hand, this caused the person to lose a lot of blood. Since the victim’s ear was a little off and his skin was torn off, he could see some of his skull. One of the reports said that the victim is still in stable condition, even though he was unconscious when the accident happened. A state representative also said that when he first heard about this, he was shocked.

When this crime happened, the suspect, Koryn, said that the victim smelled like a robot. On the other hand, police said that the person who is the main suspect in this case has a history of serious crimes. On the other hand, it was said that Koryn had been going through some hard times before this happened. He lost his job and was kicked out of his home because he was acting strangely and leaving things lying around. In one police report, it was also said that the suspect used to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, and take fentanyl pills before this happened.

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