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Who is Livy Renata? – Biography, Boyfriend, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Married, ID TikTok

Who is Livy Renata?

Let’s start with Livy Renata’s age, which is currently 19 years old. Livy Renata was born on March 26, 2002, according to the details shown below. Continue reading for more school information. She stated that she attended Bina Bangsa International School. Finally, information regarding Livy Renata’s ancestors from the Jakarta area is provided.

She is also known as Livia Renata, which is the Chinese name Yang Lifei. This is due to the fact that her grandma is from Taiwan. More information may be found at hostspotnews.com.

To wrap up the height information, Livy Renata is about 160–170 cm tall

The issue is that Ivan Gunawan’s shoulder resembles Livy Renata’s shoulder in an Instagram photo of the two of them.

As a Brand Ambassador, Livy Renata is already well-known. Yes,she is the BA for Alter Ego, an esports squad located in the nation. She is currently well-known among Indonesian celebrities and in the world of esports. The occasion was also prompted by Livy Renata’s invitation to participate on a variety of TV and YouTube shows.

She has recently made headlines due to her experience working at a cafe. This is in addition to her recognition as a BA. People are aware that Livy Renata is from an affluent family. So Livy Renata shown that her mother was correct when she stated her daughter was pampered. She works at a café with a driver, which is unique. She places food orders during breaks.

Livy Renata Viral Video

Hotman Paris is the username of a well-known Indonesian lawyer, for those who are unaware. He is well-known for his extravagant lifestyle, showy clothing, and numerous mistresses. People frequently witness celebrities commenting on the social media postings of renowned and gorgeous models in an attempt to catch their attention. He did it again, and he even acknowledged to sending her direct messages on Instagram. Fans of Livy Renata went crazy when he announced he wanted to acquire her.

Livy Renata, a model and online celebrity who is 20 years old, is young, beautiful, and making people go crazy with her incredibly attractive looks and stunning body measurements. After getting unexpected attention online, the model is still too busy with efforts to make it more popular. As we told you before, she recently posted some of her most interesting photos on her account, and all of her fans were very happy about it. When a well-known person from Indonesia got involved, the act of uploading content became the talk of the town.

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On the other hand, the well-known figure Hotman Paris only replied with smiley faces and didn’t say anything else. But even this small number of people taking part is enough to get the attention of netizens. Many of them started to talk after the important lawyer said something.

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