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Nikita Dragun might be one of the most popular people on YouTube, but she needs a break sometimes. The businesswoman, model, and beauty influencer took a break from the platform for more than a year, and her last makeup tutorial came out in June 2021. She told E! the real reason she hadn’t been there. From the digital news show News DRIVE!

She told host Austin J. Mills, “Things were just starting to get a little crazy.” “I’ve been sharing pretty much everything about my life. But it seems like you’re getting more than just a few comments as your followers and followers and all that start to grow.

Over the years, she has learned how to handle negative reactions like a pro. The star has more than 3.55 million YouTube subscribers, 9 million Instagram followers, and 14.5 million TikTok followers. She got these numbers by posting makeup tips and talking about her journey as a trans woman in the beauty industry.

How does she stop the people who don’t like her? “If I can get through high school, I can get through anything,” the 26-year-old said. “I’ve been called by every name in the book, and nothing really shocks me. But every once in a while, I’ll want to clap.”

Austin asked the social media star the same question he always asks while driving: “Where are you going?” “What do you think makes you successful?” Her response was just famous.

She said, “I just want to be a badass chick.” “I just want to take advantage of every chance and do everything that people tell me I can’t do. And I’m always eager to do something, show people they’re wrong, and show myself I’m wrong.”

She showed that her childhood rival was wrong, and in 2019 she started a successful makeup line called Dragun Beauty. But since she became famous, Nikita has done one thing that she calls the ultimate “power move.”

“I ended up hooking up with the guy who picked on me in school,” Nikita says. “That’s probably the biggest variable,” Austin says, shocked.

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