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Who Is Ronald Poppo Face Video and Photos Viral On Social Media

There are a lot of videos that are making headlines online, and one of them is back on the trending pages again. It was said that the video went viral in the early 2010s, and now this video is back on trend.

This video has pictures and a short clip of a man walking toward the camera with bite marks on his face. In 2012, a doctor decided to take a video of this man and show how he had a wide bite. The name of the video is “Ronald Poppo’s face video.”

Ronald Poppo was 65 years old and lived on the street when a man-eater attacked him. Yes, Rudy Eugene attacked this old man on MacArthur in Hawaii. Rudy shot Ronald, who was 65 and bit him in the eyes.

Later, it was said that the old man had to be carried to the hospital, where he was treated. The police said that Ronald had a lot of damage to his face and eyes and that this had also caused him to lose a lot of sights. On the other hand, Eugene was high on drugs when he bit Ronald and ripped off his face.

This terrible thing happened on May 26, 2012, when Eugene tore Ronald’s clothes and left him partly naked. Eugene also chewed on parts of Ronald’s face after he had taken too many drugs, and people told the police about it. After he didn’t answer or help the police, they shot him dead. The Miami police also said that Eugene was not responding and was acting strangely and not dropping the meat in his hand. On the other hand, Ronald was taken to the hospital right away for surgery.

The viral video showed Poppo walking toward the doctors and getting better from his injuries. The doctors decided to put the video online and his pictures online, which quickly became very popular. The man eaten by another man while he was still alive is still alive. His name is Ronald, and he lives in a hospital where he has had multiple surgeries on his face.

While it was also said that Ronald was given $100,000 and money for his facial surgery and medical care, it was also said that Ronald was given $100,000 later, when he was better, he no longer needed money.

In a recent interview, it was also said that Ronald has gotten better enough to eat, shower, walk, and dress, which he had trouble doing before. On the other hand, Ronald can’t have visitors like he used to, and he spends most of his time with his doctors playing guitar, listening to the radio, etc. He also started seeing an occupational therapist, and as a result, he gained 50 pounds.

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