HeadlineWho Was Andrew Robinson? Why Did He Kill Linda & Sebastian Robinson?

Who Was Andrew Robinson? Why Did He Kill Linda & Sebastian Robinson?

We are shocked and saddened to tell you all this great news about a husband and wife. It is a horrifying case, and police have been looking into it since they found the bodies of Andrew Robinson, 56, Linda Robinson, 55, and their 12-year-old son. This case is now causing a lot of controversy on social media.

So, when the house in End Over called 911 at 3:31 a.m., the police found them dead. They went to the scene right away and broke down two doors to get inside. Once inside, they found the bodies of the 56-year-old man, the woman, and the son, all of whom were lying on the floor with gunshot wounds. People think it was a great case of domestic violence and a murder-suicide.

At this point, no more information has been given because the investigation is still going on. Andrew Robinson died of a gunshot wound that appeared to be self-inflicted, according to the police and the department. However, there is no danger to the public right now because of this case. The incident was limited to the home on Porter Street, which is worth between $1 million and $2 million.

As of right now, investigators are doing their best to figure out what happened and what the main reason was. They are getting there. People at school thought that Sébastien was a good kid and a great student. He had a kind heart and was very creative. He was in the sixth grade when he started at this school in September. Every teacher liked him, and everyone thought he was a great friend.

It’s a very sad death, and we’re still shocked to hear about it. As soon as the whole department heard about it, they decided to cancel school and class for that day. Counselors will be on campus if any of the kids need them. We’ll keep you posted, and this page will be updated soon.

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