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Who is Mew? Why did Faze suspend Mew’s Twitch account? Reason, full Controversy

Twitch streamer Kerry “Mew” is accused of sxu@l ab*se, and his viewers are very angry and critical of him. It all began on November 24, and now his friends and family no longer respect him. He is baffled and sad about this. He was also banned from the platform for an undetermined amount of time because of the claims, and Astro is said to be the person who was sexually abused.

She wrote a 3,400-word letter about what the primary has done and posted it on social media sites. She wants to go to court. She thinks he did something terrible at his house. She used to trust him, but he did something she will never forget. He was so nice that he offered to buy us drinks. Some Chats were also in the public domain, which made the whole thing very tense. After he was kicked off the platform, Mew lost his sponsors and promotions.

And he’s using Twitter to talk about the applications and defend himself. He won’t act right in front of anyone and will show that he is genuine and not guilty. Astro seems to have given her permission to have s*x, but now she says she was drunk. Such cases have ended in the worst possible ways, and this one completely ruins the life of a social media influencer. They should be very careful about what they write and show on social media.

The police haven’t started any investigation yet, and the people who make content for social media are trying to prove to each other that Katie is guilty. They are doing this by having conversations that show proof. It was sad news for both sides, and the tension will get worse in the coming days.

They have completely taken all the attention, though. Both of them used to like each other, but they got into a fight, and now they hate each other. They will be going up against each other in court.

Popularity and fame can be very dangerous for young people because they don’t know how to handle it and have no idea how much it means to them. This shouldn’t be posted on social media platforms because many young people use them.

This isn’t nice for their minds because some take these things as inspiration and then do or copy the same thing. We hope that things will work out in the long run. They are both young, so they shouldn’t ruin their lives.

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