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Why Did Gordon Dickerson Pass Away? A Lilburn Oaks Baptist Church member passed away at age 65

At the age of 65, Gordon Dickerson, one of the sports officials, passed died. On September 21, 2022, a Wednesday, he went away. In Georgia, Georgia, in the United States of America, Gordon spent many years working as a sports official. Follow more updates on Hostspotnews.com

What does Gordon Dickerson’s Cause of Death?

At a memorial service for him on October 1st at 5 a.m. at the Dacula High School Football Stadium, Pastor Philip Connell will officiate. From 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., Gordon Dickerson’s whole family and circle of friends will be present in the stadium. About 65 years old, he was. The sudden passing of Dickerson has shocked everyone.

Gordon Dickerson, a well-known local sports official, passed away on September 21, 2022. Gordon has reportedly spent the previous five years battling a specific type of cancer. He battled cancer for a long period, but in the end, he lost the battle.

Gordon Dickerson finished high school in Gwinnett County, in the Georgian state of the United States. Later, he registered as an athlete at Gwinnett County High School in Gwinnett County, Georgia, in the United States. Gordon Dickerson worked as a referee, educator, and umpire for many years.

One of Gordon Dickerson’s pals made the notion that Dickerson’s smile would make things okay even if there was an excessive quantity of sadness around.

Who Was Gordon Dickerson?

His grin quickly became contagious. As a friend, brother, uncle, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and husband, he performed these roles. He was considered to as a “Gentle Giant.” Everyone Gordon ever helped, including his loved ones, will always have a special place in their hearts.

Gordon Dickerson was one of the regional sports officials. However, he hasn’t had a particularly captivating personal life. He was a kind man. He had always jumped in to help individuals in need, even when he didn’t even know the person next to him.

He cherished his three dogs very much. He used to refer to his three dogs as “dog guys.” Dickerson enjoyed riding his motorcycles and driving his cars. His favourite things were all black, including the cars. He was selected to be his wife’s loyal husband.

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