HeadlineWhy Was Steven Hurry Arrested? Reason & Charges

Why Was Steven Hurry Arrested? Reason & Charges

A man from Scottsdale, Arizona, was taken into custody after he allegedly beat a woman and sold her. According to the news, this case was brought to the attention of the police when a woman was yelling in front of the accused’s house and a neighbor heard her and thought something was wrong and told the police.

The person who told the police about the fight next door said that she could tell something was wrong because the woman was screaming and a man and a woman were also fighting. Stay tuned, because we’re going to talk in depth about this case. Steven Hurry, who was 60 years old, was the person who was arrested in this case. Steven is said to have hit the woman, and he was also yelling at her.

This is just the start, because the man was more than what he seemed to be. Steven was arrested for Criminal damage, assault, aggravated assault, and acting in a disorderly manner. According to the reports, the man was both recording and using the woman. Steven used to beat up the woman and also had control over her. At first, the victim was his housekeeper. Later, she moved in with him in California, where they both made money by putting out videos.

Steven and his housekeeper moved to Arizona in May 2022, and they have been there ever since. Steven convinced the victim to let him take pictures of her, which he then sold online. In a way, they used to make ads for s*xual activities together while they were both living in Tucson. The victim said that Steven would bring men to the victim’s house and charge them $700 for 20 minutes of intimacy.

The first time, he took all of her money and didn’t give her anything. The next time, he allegedly took her ID, Social Security card, and birth certificate and locked them in his car. Steven would beat up the victim if she didn’t do what he told her to do or wouldn’t listen to him. He even put sexually explicit pictures of her online, where he used to charge the men who came an average of $350 for an hour of sexual intimation and up to $120 for 15 minutes.

After a while, they moved to Scottsdale and stayed at a Rodwayinn. During these times, he would meet with the victim six to seven times a week and make money off of her without giving her a dime. The victim said in court that she was getting so scared that she couldn’t take it anymore and that she wanted to leave on December 16, 2022.

The woman in court said that she wanted to leave, but Harry had all her papers and raped her on Christmas Day. When the police showed up, they asked Steven about the accusations against him, which he completely denied. A nurse found signs of physical abuse on the victim’s body, and the accused was taken into custody. The defendant will be kept in jail until he pays a bond of $150,000. He forced the victim to do sexual acts for money.

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