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World Blood Donor Day2022: 8 Reasons to Give Blood

World Blood Donor Day will be held on June 14th, 2022! Let’s make it the biggest and best one yet, shall we? Here are 8 reasons why you should donate blood during World Blood Donor Day in 2022. See you there! 🙂

1) You will save lives

The world needs blood. We often take that for granted. But we need blood donations, and not just from those in our family or a small community of friends and coworkers.We need donations from people all over the world who may never meet someone they save but who still know how to help out where they can, even if it’s in a small way. On World Blood Donor Day (WBFD), you can make a big difference by donating blood. Even if you don’t feel like your life directly impacted by what happens with your donation, you are still saving lives with every donation.

2) Medical history can be traced

All of your blood types inherited from your parents, right? So why can’t you donate or receive certain blood types? If your mother is Type A and your father is Type B, you would inherit one gene for each type. You might get a type A gene from Mom and a type B gene from Dad—meaning you’re type AB. Or, maybe you’ll inherit two A genes or two B genes, meaning that either way. When it comes time to donate or receive blood, you can donate only to those whose blood does not contain either of those antigens. It’s relatively easy for doctors at donation centers (and pharmacists who use donated plasma in medications) to check for these antibodies, with simple lab tests that check against specific markers found on each red cell antigen.

3) The cost to you is very little (free in many cases)

There’s no cost or little cost (sometimes blood banks and hospitals will pay you a small stipend, but not always) associated with donating blood. So why not take advantage of a time where your currency isn’t spent on anything else? The fact that it takes 15 minutes out of your day makes it even easier for you to donate. It’s also safe for people in general: You may think twice about cutting yourself during shaving or accidentally getting cut by sharp objects. But donating blood is actually much safer than you may think! According to Healthline, Blood donation involves piercing your skin with a needle that draws several pints of blood from you.

4) Low risk of infection

Your donation collected with a sterile needle, meaning there’s virtually no risk of transmitting disease. To date,there never been a single documented case of HIV or Hepatitis transmission through blood transfusion. Moreover, according to AABB’s Hemovigilance data which tracks adverse events reported in donation centers,less than one tenth of one percent (0.009%) of transfusion recipients experience an infectious reaction. Compare that to 1 in 300 people getting sick from food poisoning and, you can see why donating blood is considered one of the safest medical procedures around!

5) It’s simple, only takes 20 minutes

The American Red Cross estimates that more than 41,000 blood donations needed every day. All you have to do put down your Smartphone and find a donation center near you . You don’t need an appointment, or even much time at all—an average whole blood donation takes just 20 minutes. On World Blood Donor Day, consider donating. Why? Because that’s what heroes do. We all want people who will give their lives for ours; it’s only fair we return the favor when our friends and neighbors need a little extra boost of red cells.

6) It’s painless

One of my coworkers recently found herself in a situation where she needed blood immediately. Thankfully, there was enough in stock, but if it wasn’t for those who donated blood before her, she might not have made it. This is one of many examples that underscores how important it is to donate blood. It doesn’t hurt much (donors get a small band-aid) and you’ll save a life while doing so! Take a look at how long donation takes here . All you need is 40 minutes of your time! If you’re interested in donating,check out Red Cross’ website or schedule an appointment here .

7) There are no age limits; you’re never too old or too young to donate blood

Blood donations save lives. So, no matter your age, if you’re in good health, donate blood today! There are some exceptions of course: If you’ve had a tattoo or body piercing within 4 months of donating blood (it takes that long for your body to replace it), or if you have a fever over 100 degrees. But other than that, there are no limits!You’re saving lives.: You can help save lives by volunteering as an organ donor.

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