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World Food Safety Day 2022: History, Significance and You need to know

Every year on June 7th, the world commemorates World Food Safety Day. It a day dedicated to making the world a better and healthier place. This unique day is dedicated to one of life’s most basic necessities: food. Those who observe this day believe that eating safe, sanitary food is essential.


According to the United Nations, around 600 million cases of foodborne disease are reported each year. Making contaminated food one of the most serious risks to human health. Diseases caused by unsanitary food disproportionately impact the most vulnerable. And marginalised members of society, including children, women, and conflict victims.

Parasites, viruses, and bacteria present in contaminated food and, water cause these disorders, which are typically invisible to the naked eye. Food safety is crucial to ensuring that food is safe and sanitary at all stages of the food supply chain. Before it reaches the customer, food must be safe from harvesting to processing through storage and delivery.The theme for World Food Safety Day 2022 is ‘Safer food, better health’.

The Food Safety Day provides an opportunity to work harder and, more effectively to ensure that people eat clean, safe food.

Historical context and significance

Globally, about 600 million instances of foodborne infections reported each year, according to a WHO report from 2019. This indicates that nearly one out of every ten persons in the globe suffers from health problems as a result of consuming tainted food. According to the report, children under the age of five account for 40% of the foodborne disease burden, with 1,25,000 deaths every year.

In this backdrop, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the first-ever World Food Safety Day on June 7, 2019, just a few months after it was accepted by the UN General Assembly in December 2018.

In truth, World Food Safety Day co-founded by the World Health Organization. And the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, with cooperation from member nations and other stakeholders.

The WHO also sponsors various online conversations and talks on Food Safety Day which can be viewed on its official website.

Message –

– It ,critical to be informed of the safety of our food in order to be safe and healthy.

– It’s always ideal for our health to be a little more cautious about what we eat. Happy National Food Safety Day!

– We hear about food contamination and adulteration and then forget about it. So, be mindful of your surroundings and commemorate World Food Safety Day!

– Drinking and eating only from establishments that claim to be clean will always keep you safe. Happy World Food Safety Day, everyone!

– The greatest approach to save money is to keep an eye on food waste. To all, a happy World Food Safety Day.

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