Viral NewsXxxtentacion autopsy picture of King von autopsy, viral on social media

Xxxtentacion autopsy picture of King von autopsy, viral on social media

Now that the murder trial for XXXTENTACION has started, a fan has explained why he took a picture of the dead rapper after he was shot and posted it on social media. On the sixth day of the XXXTENTACION murder trial, February 14, a fan named Scott Barbieux was called to the witness stand to talk about why he took a picture of the dead rapper after he was shot.

xxxtentacion autopsy picture

Barbieux says that he and his ex-girlfriend were shopping at RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, Florida, when he saw XXX being robbed and then killed. After the incident, Barbieux said that he used the “Look at me!” singer, who saw the gunshot wound and thought he was dead. The singer then took a picture and posted it on Snapchat.

xxxtentacion autopsy report

Barbieux told prosecutor Pascale Achille during his testimony that he took the picture because he was a big fan of XXXTENTACION. But not long after the picture was taken, the investigators on the scene took his phone right away. “Do you remember Mr. Onfroy sitting in the car after he was shot and taking a photo of himself on his phone?” Achille asked Barbieux.

“Because I like him so much, I wanted a picture to remember him forever,” Barbieux said. Before the incident, Babier said that he had bumped into the rapper Hope as he was leaving the motorcycle shop, but when he asked for a picture, Hope said no. Barbieux testified, “Hey, X asked me to take a picture, but he just ignored me and got in his car.” “He wasn’t feeling good. “You could tell by the way he walked out the door,” he said, talking about how quickly the rapper left.

king von autopsy

Later, during cross-examination by the defense, Barbieux said that he looked at the rapper’s body and found that he was dead. The lawyer for the defense, Mauricio Padilla, then asked Barbieux if he had been paid for the photo. Barbieux said, “No.” Michael Boatwright, Derry Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome are accused of robbing and killing XXXTENTACION outside of RIVA Motorsports in South Florida. Boatwright is accused of shooting XXXTENTACION to death. Robert Allen was also involved in the shooting that killed someone. In August of last year, he pleaded guilty and is now testifying against his co-defendant so that he can get a lighter sentence.

“Allen pleaded guilty to a lesser count of second-degree murder and armed robbery. “Co-accused witnesses,” Jim Lewis, Allen’s lawyer, said. “Mr. Allen has played a much smaller role than the other three, and the state has thought about using him as a witness in the case.”

The three people on trial face life in prison if they are found guilty. Authorities think that Boatwright was the person who shot and killed XXXTENTACION on June 18, 2018, during a robbery with a gun. They stole $50,000 from X’s Louis Vuitton bag, which she had just taken out of the bank.

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